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Traditional Business Coach Training

and Consulting Models

Didn’t Account For Your Uniqueness

Create one that works for YOU, your unique values and superpower


Getting Traditional Life, Business, or Financial Coach Training isn’t Going to Help You Get to The Next Level In Your Business.

In fact, old models are  quickly becoming obsolete and have no place in a modern consulting business or coaching practice.


The tidal wave of The Great Resignation and The Big Quit that has hit the globe over the past months has been most challenging for Women, Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) business owners.

More than ever, you need to own your uniqueness to build a COACHING AND CONSULTING business that can work for you and YOUR CLIENTS, away from the traditional, one-size-fits-all, and surface level advice!

WE GO DEEPER. Your clients need help with more than a few tweaks in their system, they need a real coach and advocate.

Step By Step Plan For YOU

Stop wasting your time googling around and get overwhelmed by the information on this topic....

By making this a customizable program, we wanted to help you take the guesswork out of the equation and create YOUR coaching business model that is unique to who you and your clients are!

Coupling the coaching with the self-paced teaching and customized learning is your guarantee to get the best results.


Helping You All the Way Through

Are you ever doubting if you’re “doing it right”?

This is a holistic approach to building a business model that’ll work for you and your unique strengths. NOT a cookie-cutter approach!

You’ll get to chat with our team of experts and get your questions answered anytime!

You’re Never Alone

The program offers 1:1 coaching and group coaching over 6 months.

Our number one goal is to help you succeed and reach your potential in your business and personal life.

When you enroll in the program, no matter where you are in your journey, you’ll get our full support!


3 Business Certification Eligibility

All participants finishing the 12 weeks program will be eligible for 3 business certifications:

(1) Entrepreneurial Revenue Coach

(2) Entrepreneurial Financial Coach and

(3) Financial Confidence Coach.

Plus bonus content on wellness coaching, entrepreneur and leadership coaching, and so much more.

This is something you can proudly display and ensure instant credibility in your career!

Meet Dr. V. Brooks Dunbar


“I’m passionate about creating economic equity for all, and a large part of my work is helping women who are changing the world to build and sustain renewable confidence to perform to their highest potential.”

When I founded The Center for Confidence (TCFC), it was my personal mission to create more confident leaders at the earliest age and opportunity. As I began to work with more women and girls, I realized that confidence development was a performance indicator for many small business owners. I created the Confidence is a Lifestyle brand to show them what a confident lifestyle look like, feels like, and represents to them. That mission has grown and firmly anchored me in my role as small business advocate, management consultant, and entrepreneurial leadership coach. TCFC has also evolved as an organizational leadership and professional coaching firm to an entrepreneurial, financial, and leadership coaching powerhouse. Today, we are forging the way towards inclusive recovery by disrupting old and outdated business coaching and consulting models to create entrepreneurial leaders who are highly flexible and adaptable to real-time change.
You can find the link to my full bio at: thetruedrv.club

— Annie B., 21-Year Business Owner, Jacksonville, FL

“The Center For Confidence [TCFC] has been an “eye opener” for me and my business.
The owner, Dr. V. Brooks Dunbar, is a breath of fresh air for myself and the continued growth of Annie Wilson Homecare Services.
If you are a new business or have been in business for years, you really need to contact this business owner.
I am so glad she came this way, to bring a refreshingly new outlook on how to, not only develop/grow my company, but my thought processes are being rekindled.”

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In Partnership With:

— Dr. Asha J. , Wellness Coach, Jacksonville, FL

“I've been working with Dr. V at TCFC for almost a year and I unapologetically exploit Dr. V ‘s talent as a business necessity. I call her regularly to talk through business strategy, my approach, and key messaging..”

How It Works

Enroll in the 12 week curriculum today

Join the program and shortcut your progress with your business

Get all the tool you need to build your custom business plan

Develop business leadership, effective habits, and financial values to get to the next level

Build a business that works for YOU

Create a life of balance between a successful business and fulfilling personal life

— Fran L., Realtor, Jacksonville, FL

“I can only say that if anyone is in need of an advocate, champion, and action-oriented business development expert, they need to sign up and sign up now. 
I just completed my first Strategy Development Session and in four hours, we accomplished so much more than I expected. Her method is precise and well executed. Her attention to all of my goals and the details of how we 'together' are going to get there was mapped and challenged. I arrived overwhelmed and left motivated and inspired.”


Ready to become a uniquely successful business owner and reach your full potential?

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